Deutsche Bahn

Triple-S concept

A good safety concept is important for preventing incidents at stations or enabling staff to react quickly.

Services, safety and station cleanliness

Staff from our service, technology and leasing units work as part of a single team dedicated to providing friendly customer services and guaranteeing smooth-flowing processes at our 5,400 stations throughout Germany.

Our mission is to make the time you spend at our stations as enjoyable as possible. The station staff take care of the main customer services needs connected with your train journey. Maintaining service levels, keeping people safe and cleaning facilities are among the most important tasks, and they are handled by our Triple-S Centres.

Operating around the clock, these centres collect all of the important data about processes at stations. The people working at the centres ensure that everything functions smoothly at stations and notify the staff on the ground in the event of irregularities.

If you want to contact a Triple-S Centre, just go to a help point (emergency intercom). Staff at the other end:

  • coordinate the forwarding of important information about rail traffic,
  • has access to CCTV live images of the station,
  • use phone and radio communication to respond to news and emergency calls and initiate suitable assistance measures,
  • monitor station cleanliness and
  • work to ensure that all technological features are in full working order.

Our security teams patrol stations, while Germany's Federal Police are responsible in the event of more serious incidents.

Do you have any questions or comments around services, safety or station cleanliness? Simply contact staff at our Triple-S Centres. The overview lists all of the phone numbers you need.

Please note DB Station&Service AG's rules and regulations as well as locally published additions at the train stations: they are designed to make your time at our stations safe and pleasant