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In the foreground of a platform with a stopping regional train, a smartphone with the DB Bahnhof live app is shown.
Bringing the station to you: DB Station&Service AG’s app DB Bahnhof live gives you mobile access to information about 5,400 stations and every public transport stop in Germany
A young woman with a bicycle using a cell phone in the city.
At many stations we already offer you a wide range of services for your bike
A man holds a coffee mug in his left hand and a smartphone with the DB Rad+ app open in his right hand.
Cycling for your city
The DB Radfix transfer point at Berlin Südkreuz.
Quick bike repair directly at the train station
A parking facility for 800 bicycles at Freising.
Help make our stations even more bike-friendly
A woman stands with her smartphone in front of a train station and looks into the distance.
Mobile. Connected. Thriving.
The Mobility Hub at Stuttgart Vaihingen.
Better connected - more comfortable on the road
The coworking area of everyworks at Berlin Hauptbahnhof.
Flexible working in the city’s most central location
The orange barista robot ‘the moc’ at Berlin Ostbahnhof.
The finest coffee, freshly prepared by a robot available for 100 days at Berlin Ostbahnhof