Let yourself be surprised and win great prizes every day
In the foreground of a platform with a stopping regional train, a smartphone with the DB Bahnhof live app is shown.
Bringing the station to you: DB Station&Service AG’s app DB Bahnhof live gives you mobile access to information about 5,400 stations and every public transport stop in Germany
A young woman with a bicycle using a cell phone in the city.
At many stations we already offer you a wide range of services for your bike
A man holds a coffee mug in his left hand and a smartphone with the DB Rad+ app open in his right hand.
Cycling for your city
The DB Radfix transfer point at Berlin Südkreuz.
Quick bike repair directly at the train station
A parking facility for 800 bicycles at Freising.
Help make our stations even more bike-friendly
A woman stands with her smartphone in front of a train station and looks into the distance.
Mobile. Connected. Thriving.
The Mobility Hub at Stuttgart Vaihingen.
Better connected - more comfortable on the road
The coworking area of everyworks at Berlin Hauptbahnhof.
Flexible working in the city’s most central location
Exterior view of the 24/7 ServiceStore at Berlin Ostbahnhof
Shopping around the clock and without queuing at Berlin Ostbahnhof
A view of the station building at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof.
If you prefer to exchange money in the traditional way instead of at an ATM with a currency exchange function, you will find the Reisebank at the largest main stations