Deutsche Bahn

DB Bahnhof live

Bringing the station to you: DB Station&Service AG's app DB Bahnhof live gives you mobile access to information about 5,400 stations and every public transport stop in Germany.

The app offers a live overview of 5,400 stations on your smartphone. It not only shows you connecting trains and parking spaces, but you can also use it to see what shops are at the station, where the toilets are located, if there are luggage lockers and whether or not the station offers free wifi. DB Bahnhof live is a quick and handy way to find this essential information.

Just one click to your next departure 
One click in DB Bahnhof live shows you the nearest DB station or stop within the local public transport network. Use the location search to find nearby stops. If you travel a lot, just save your favourite stations straight to the app's homepage for fast access when you need them.

Departure information in real time 
Bahnhof live gives you all the details you need about arrivals and departures at your selected station: precise times, platforms and train numbers. Real-time updates let you know about any delays or changes to services.

Station amenities at a glance 
We have the answers to your most pressing questions: is the lift I need working, where are the toilets, can I put my suitcase in a luggage locker, does the station have a travel centre, are there any parking spaces left? The app is ready and waiting to provide you with general information and station-related services.

A great guide to the station
The easy-to-use map is available whenever you need it, and it helps you to find your way around a station and its surroundings. That's not all: the maps for Germany's 70 largest stations include information about shops and DB services so you know the precise location of everything you need while you're there.

Shopping facilities at the station 
Fancy a stroll around some shops on a Sunday when everything else is closed?  We can tell you whose doors are open for business seven days a week.

A stress-free start to your journey
The app can show you where ICE, IC and EC trains' carriages are positioned along a platform, saving you a long walk to find your seat once you board. You can see the sequence of coaches' number of your train before it arrives, so you can pinpoint where your carriage will be. If you want, we can also provide you with notification shortly before your train arrives.

Step-free station access
If you want to see if a station offers barrier-free access, you can use the app to check in advance. It also contains a list of all of the lifts at your station of choice, showing you which ones are in service as well as the one you need to access a specific platform.

Visitor numbers

Since November 2020, the app provides information about the number of visitors at over 100 stations in Germany. The current volume is communicated in comparison to the average volume of the past eight weeks. This function is intended to improve your sense of security and contribute to the distribution of travellers in the optimum case.

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We regularly update the app with new and improved functions.