Deutsche Bahn

Wifi at stations

At over 125 stations, travellers can enjoy 30 minutes of free internet access courtesy of DB.

We give travellers 30 minutes of free internet access at over 125 stations. You can go online with your smartphone or laptop, send and receive e-mails, upload files to the cloud and make online phonecalls - our free wifi connection doesn't come with restrictions.

When your initial 30 minutes are up, you can keep surfing by logging in to a hotspot provided by Telekom. The telecommunications company offers a range of options at different prices. Information is available at

Our wifi is very easy to use.

  • Enable wifi on your device and look for networks, then select "Telekom"
  • Open an internet browser and go to a website (any will do) and our system forwards you automatically to the hotspot homepage
  • Go online by selecting "Go online" and then clicking "Start surfing" - you can now access the internet

You can contact the following number if you have questions about Telekom's hotspot or need support to use it: +49 800 350 2000 (calls are free of charge).

If you want to find out if your station offers wifi, just use the station search function on this website's homepage.

Map of WIFI stations