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Terms and conditions of use

Online arrival and departure boards

DB Station&Service AG, Europaplatz 1, 10557 Berlin, Germany is the operator of the website "Web-Bahnhofstafel" (WBT – online arrival and departure boards for stations). By using the WBT website, you agree to the terms and conditions of use. This is also the case if you access the website or sections of it from another website.

I. The operator pays great attention when creating the contents of the WBT website. However, it does not assume any liability regarding the correctness, completeness or up-to-dateness of the contents on offer.

II. There is no automatic right to use of the WBT website. The operator reserves the right to discontinue or modify its offering either in part or in full. It does not assume any liability in the event of disruptions or other faults. It makes every effort to ensure the website can be accessed with minimal disruption. Despite all precautions, the occurrence of outages cannot be ruled out.

III. All copyrights, brand rights, design rights and other rights for protecting intellectual property in connection with the website's contents (incl. the structure and visualisation of the website) are held by the operator or its licensors.

IV. The WBT website may be used only for the following purposes: (1.) Displaying this website, (2.) Checking information (3.) Using other functions available on the website.

All other use requires the prior written consent of the operator.

Processing, reproducing, disseminating and/or the public broadcasting of the website and its contents for commercial purposes are forbidden unless prior written consent has been provided. In particular, this also applies should automated systems or automated software be used for extracting contents.

No actions may be taken to interfere with the website's functioning, including actions that result in an excessive or unmanageable load on the website's infrastructure.

Without prejudicing other rights, in particular those arising from legal provisions, the operator reserves the right to exclude parties from using and accessing the website in the event of infringements of the terms and conditions of use.