Deutsche Bahn

Commercial property rentals

Germany's stations are no longer just places for coming and going.

Following investment in upgrading and modernisation, stations now possess a balanced mix of businesses and an appealing events strategy that have turned them into places where people like to pass time, enjoy food, do some shopping and watch the world go by.

Station buildings are very enjoyable places to be, and they welcome large numbers of visitors: these factors make them attractive sites for retailers, service providers and the catering sector.

Maybe they're the perfect place for your company too. Simply contact us if you want to find out more.

Pop-up store opportunities

Use promotional spaces at stations for short-term business ideas.

Large numbers of travellers, a constant flow of customers and many different types of people: that's what stations offer. What other places are better for your plans to open a pop-up store?

We offer you the opportunity to turn your idea into reality at one of our attractive locations. This offering is directed at e-commerce companies with innovative concepts and an interest in opening shop-based outlets, and also at existing over-the-counter retailers that want to use stations as a temporary sales location.

Do you want a promotional space for your classic marketing campaign? Click here for more information.