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Events at stations

Stations are special places, ideal for special events.

You may not expect stations to host exciting and informative exhibitions and events, but they do. This page will soon feature a selection of very special highlights from our wide-ranging programme of events for 2018.

Shopping stations present                            World Press Photo 2018

As of August, Deutsche Bahn and its retail partners at stations will present the most important works in international press photography: World Press Photo 2018. Stations in Germany will be the venue for the exhibition for the thirteenth year running. A selection of the prize-winning and compelling images will be on show at the following stations between early August and mid-November: Stuttgart, Munich, Halle an der Saale, Dresden Neustadt, Berlin, Frankfurt and Kassel. Entry is free.
The winner of this year's World Press Photo first prize is called "Venezuela Crisis", and it has the power to remain literally seared into your memory: engulfed in flames, a man runs for his life. Photographer Ronaldo Schemidt, himself from Venezuela, captured this terrifying image during the street battles fought in the nation's capital, Caracas. It shows 28-year-old demonstrator José Victor Salazar Balza, whose clothing caught fire when a motorbike's fuel tank exploded. The young man managed to survive but sustained severe burns. The World Press Photo jury praised the shot's colours, dynamics and composition.

Over 4,500 photographers from 125 countries took part in the 61st World Press Photo Award. The images were assessed by a jury of internationally renowned experts in the fields of photojournalism and documentary photography. Prizes were awarded for first, second and third place in eight different categories. Along with recognition and popularity, the overall winner also wins EUR 10,000.
As in the past, a selection of prize-winning images from the 73,044 impressive entries will be on display at seven major stations around Germany:

Stuttgart Main Station: 2 August – 12 August 2018
Munich Main Station: 17 August – 27 August 2018
Halle an der Saale Main Station: 4 September – 13 September 2018
Dresden Neustadt: 18 September – 27 September 2018
Berlin Central: 10 October – 19 October 2018
Frankfurt am Main Central: 22 October – 29 October 2018
Kassel Main Station: 1 November – 11 November 2018

This year saw Nature added as a new category. The image shot by Canadian Neil Aldridge proves that this new category is important and worthy of inclusion in the contest. Eyes bound, a young white rhino waits to be released into the Okavango delta reserve in Botswana, where it will be protected from poachers. Rhinos are at risk of extinction because they are still hunted for their horns, which are particularly sought-after in traditional Chinese medicine.