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Solutions for the sustainable city

In our increasingly urbanised world, towns and cities are facing an ever-growing number of challenges – greater pressure on space, rising energy consumption and spiralling demand for mobility and logistics. City-dwellers also have to cope with more noise and the issues arising from modern consumerism. Smart City | DB takes a new look at the places we call home and concentrates on developing tailored products that will enhance the quality of life for people living in towns and cities.

Creating intelligent data networks promotes sustainable and balanced urban design. Railway stations are at the focus of these plans. Using urban analytics, we study them and their surroundings in order to identify the optimum locations for the products developed by Smart City | DB.

Wide-ranging portfolio for mobility, logistics and station-focused products

To create appealing locations in the heart of our towns and cities, Smart City | DB aims to enhance the attractiveness of stations further.  Safety and cleanliness are essential if a space is to guarantee a high-quality experience.  We create harmonious colour, lighting and furnishing schemes and plan green features at stations so that they radiate a positive atmosphere.

In addition to enhancing stations’ appeal, the project also focuses on developing and implementing new usage concepts for them. For example, coworking spaces respond to the new demands in the world of work, offering commuters, passengers and businesspeople flexible spaces they can use as offices while travelling. Intelligent lockers such as the “Hamburg box” give visitors to stations a quick and simple way to collect things they have ordered: ideal for people who are dispatching or collecting an item, the lockers make around-the-clock orders possible. In addition, they are not restricted to a single service provider, which means they are an efficient way to reduce the number of last-mile delivery runs.

By integrating new products and upgrading facilities, we are transforming stations into essential locations, places that are as important to travellers and city-dwellers as their own homes and workplaces. The role that stations play in our everyday lives is growing all the time as their connected, sustainable offerings become more appealing. Combined, these developments will ensure that stations will be one of the most important locations in the urban environment.

Further information about the project is available here.