Deutsche Bahn

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Welcome to Germany!

Travellers and visitors use our 5,400 stations each and every day, so when these facilities make a good impression, the entire nation makes a good impression. We not only build and run stations, but we also work on their upkeep and in developing their potential. In 2020 alone, we invested approximately EUR 1.3 billion on construction and modernisation so that our stations can provide the best possible experience. 

With some 900,000 square meters of leasing space in our portfolio, we are one of Germany’s largest commercial property managers. At around 700 stations, we transform the main buildings into lively places that are popular with travellers and visitors alike by carefully creating the right mix of businesses.

Every day, trains operated by some 110 different companies stop over 400,000 times at our stations’ platforms. We work constantly to upgrade our services for local and long-distance rail companies as well as the comfort and convenience that travellers can expect. For this, we keep a close eye on the needs and interests of our passengers and business customers while also taking transport demand and construction-related conditions into account. 

DB’s "Starke Schiene" programme sees us concentrate all of our attention on our core business. Our stations are hubs for innovative and eco-friendly transport, and they are also places where we bring new trends together in the search for even greener mobility solutions. This is our contribution to transforming how we travel and a persuasive way of encouraging people to switch to environmentally conscious rail transport. 

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