Deutsche Bahn

Company profile

Stations connect people and mobility.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG, DB Station&Service AG is responsible for managing some 5,400 stations throughout Germany.

We not only build and run stations, but we are also active in their upkeep and in developing their potential. Every year, DB Station&Service AG invests over EUR 800 million in construction and modernisation, while the annual maintenance costs for stations and facilities come to some EUR 140 million.  

Our work ensures that our stations have become cutting-edge centres for mobility: they not only provide classic transport services, but many of them also offer bicycle hire and carsharing facilities. At some 800 stations, the passenger buildings operated by DB Station&Service AG serve as a gateway to towns and cities for people arriving while at the same time providing travellers with access to the rail network. They are lively and popular places where people meet, and, increasingly, they are shopping and service centres with an atmosphere of urban sophistication and balanced mix of businesses. DB Station&Service AG's brief entails the management of approximately 1 million m² of commercial space.

See for yourself what our stations have to offer: