Deutsche Bahn

Improvements at stations

We want you to enjoy your time at our stations. At the beginning of 2016, we started working on our mission to tackle the things that cause the most inconvenience to travellers. This page tells you more about our quality campaign.

New displays on platforms, faster updates for you

In 2016, over 2,000 displays at 150 stations around Germany were upgraded to a new layout. The new design not only shows people on a platform information about the upcoming departure, but it also displays the destinations of the two subsequent trains.

This ensures that travellers receive enough notice in the event of a delay or if they need to change platforms.

New toilets – the facilities at our stations are now better than ever!

Working with the two well-known brands rail&fresh and SANIFAIR, we are overhauling the toilets at our busiest stations to cater to the large number of travellers who use them. Hygienic, modern and well-designed, they provide people with an outstanding sanitary service. Information about the range of facilities present at different stations is available at and

New waiting areas – we want you to enjoy your time

You can contribute to designing the next generation of waiting areas! Until the end of March 2017, we are testing different options for making waiting times at Munich's main station more pleasant. Child-friendly waiting spaces with play equipment, vertical greenery, snacks and musical entertainment – the proposals that are most popular with customers will be added at other stations.

Our goal is clear: we want to create new waiting areas that travellers can really enjoy at 21 stations around the country. Comfortable and multifunctional seating, readily visible travel information, charging facilities for portable devices, spaces for luggage, wifi and pleasant lighting are just some of the features designed to enhance people's experience.