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Box – the pick-up point

Hamburg Box makes its debut by the Elbe.

In early March 2020, Smart City | DB launched the Hamburg Box, the pilot phase of an intelligent, provider-neutral locker system in Hamburg. The project is a joint undertaking with IT company ParcelLock, the city's public transport operator, Hamburger Hochbahn, and the logistic partners DPD and Hermes.

The intelligent, cross-provider locker system allows time-saving, convenient and contactless receipt of products. Installed at convenient locations across Hamburg, the collection stations make it easy for people to pick up products and purchases because they can call to them as they go about their normal daily routine. Deliveries can be left in lockers at about 22 public transport stops and stations, and the recipients can collect them in person whenever it suits them. Say goodbye to arranging your day around the opening and closing times used by other parcel collection points! 

Participating retailers, including partners at stations, can use the Hamburg Box as an addition to their existing ordering systems and so give customers the option of depositing or collecting items at their preferred location. Already participating are the following partners: Liekedeeler, Frischepost, Chris‘ Kochtüte, airgreets, and HBB Store.

The system also benefits the city*. Installing this new service at public transport stops gives the bus and metro network an even more important role in residents' lives. Because the lockers are open to all providers, they cut the number of delivery vehicles in operation and so reduce particulate emission levels.

Further information about the Hamburg Box is available here.

*The Hamburg Box project is part of the current Smart City Partnership with the city of Hamburg and the upcoming ITS World Congress for intelligent transport systems, which will be held in Hamburg in October 2021. This partnership's aim is to create a modern, digital and demand-oriented transport and logistics system, as well as make Hamburg a greener city that offers residents an even better standard of living.